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Spoken English 24 SEE’, ‘LOOK’ & ‘WATCH

Vidyabharti E Pathshala
Spoken English 24
‘SEE’, ‘LOOK’ & ‘WATCH’ में क्या difference हैं?
 See – यूही दिखने वाली चीज़ों के बारें में बताने के लिए
I see her every day at the station.
I saw her in the market yesterday.

Saw – Past tense of ‘See’
Did you see my phone anywhere?
No, I didn’t see.
I probably saw it on the dining table.
I see that building every day while going to the office.

‘See’ is also used to point out something important.
As you can see…
As we saw at yesterday’s meeting.
Oh! I see.
I could see it coming.
No one saw it coming.
I can see trouble ahead.

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