विद्याभारती e पाठशाला


As it’s Sunday today, We won’t have any new lesson. But yes, we have a Classic Video to share with you. The very purpose of today’s project is to practice listening good English. Please watch and listen to the Icon and Ideal of milions of Indian Youth around the globe. The best English you could expect and listen. Yes, he is none other than our Favorite Orator Swami Vivekananda. After watching the whole movie, please share the followings:
1. Two scenes with which you were moved (फिल्म के ऐसे दो दृश्य जिन्होंने आप पर गहरा प्रभाव छोड़ा हो )
2. Mention 10 nice English words which you heard in the movie.
3. Express your feelings about the movie.
Marks of the project will be allotted by respected Rakesh Ji bhaisahab, after his arrival from the provincial meeting of Vidya Bharti.
Wishing you all a very Happy Sunday!

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