विद्याभारती e पाठशाला

Spoken English 22 Daily Drills

Vidyabharti E Pathshala
Spoken English 22
How to speak fluent English? ‘COME’  के साथ English sentences
Come on – साहस देना  / उत्साह
Come on you can do it, don’t lose hope.
Come along  – साथ चलना
Come along with me to have an ice-cream.
Come off –  उतरना
The paint is coming off the wall.
The handle has come off.
Come back – वापिस आना
What time is the meeting?
Can I come back to you on this?
I will come back at 8 tonight.
Come over –  किसी के घर आना
If you cover after school tomorrow, I will help you with the homework.
Come up – किसी बात का जीकर करना
I am so sorry, I can’t meet you, something has come up last minute.
Come up with – बहाना बनाना
Whenever I tell you to do something you come up with some excuses.

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