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Lesson 29 Phrasal verbs with ‘Come’

Lesson 29 Phrasal verbs with ‘Come’
Phrasal verbs with ‘Come’ – (फ्रसल वर्ब्स विथ ‘कम’)
In this spoken English lesson (explained in Hindi) you will learn phrasal verbs with the word ‘come’. Phrasal verbs are short phrases formed by combining the verb with a preposition or an adverb, the meaning of the main verb changes completely and gives you a new phrase altogether. If you want to be a fluent in English speaking you must learn phrasal verbs as many native speakers use phrasal verbs in their daily conversation.

Note- इस Lesson के साथ नीचे दी गई Link का विडियो 2-3 बार देखकर अभ्यास कीजिये.

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