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English Lesson 12, 13

English Lesson 12
Used to – This Modal Verb is very important for our day to day conversations. As you know for expressing our Present Habits we use – …………………….. and When we talk about our Past Habits, we use ‘Used to’. So learn this structure well through attached PDF. After studying it through digital notes, watch the video tutorials which would consolidate your grip over used to. Happy Learning!
Used to pdf
विडियो 1
विडियो 2
विडियो 3

lesson 13 Articles & Revision
1. As you know that the knowledge of articles – a, an & the is very important, right from Spoken Communication to Competitive Examinations. For learning Articles well, you are given two videos. First Video explains articles in English and the second one in Hindi. Today you yourself have to make notes by viewing those videos and your knowledge will be tested through the Quiz.
2. “Revision Leads to Division” –
Since we are on the midway of our English Module its very important to brush up the things which we have learnt so far. So do a thorough revision from the given PDF along with the audio lecture.
Happy Learning!

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